How does this picnic thing work?

We set up your picnic of choice and have it ready upon arrival. We return to pack and clean everything up for you and we make sure that you had a wonderful experience.

Can we leave whenever we want?

If you would like to leave earlier than the arranged time, please provide us a 30 min notice via phone call or text. You are responsible for the picnic items until we are able to return and pack up.

How do I book my picnic?

Booking is simple! You could send us an Instagram or Facebook DM (Direct Message) or book your picnic through our website.

What if it rains?

Since we know how unpredictable Houston weather is, we can deliver the picnic to an indoor location or reschedule your booking. Do not panic! We're here to share that burden lol

Can you set up a picnic anywhere?

Anywhere picnics are permitted , we also deliver the picnic to be setup at home (the items must remain at the home where they were delivered).

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

Cant make great memories on an empty belly! You are more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks.

How will we find the picnic at the park?

We always look for the best spot in the park! Once we start setting up, we will text you a pin of the exact location of your picnic.