The Hostess

About Concierge of Events

Our company was born in 2021 but the idea started in 2020! Picnics are timeless experiences that you can cherish forever. It's something about the fresh air, great company and nice bites to satisfy our bellies. The details just take our picnics to another level which is literally in our DNA! 

Meet Denisha

Hey you! She's the lady behind the brand. Last year I planned my own picnic for my birthday & knew that I would like to create it again & again so that others can indulge in it on their own terms. 

I'm a mother of one, Houstonian ( born & raised in this great city), blogger/ content creator and a small business owner of one other entity; Forevermore ( Thrift boutique). 

I know how stressful event planning can be so I'm here to ease that tension & turn it into the greatest memory for you!